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本文摘要:日常生活上班都能用到的英语口语800句 7601. A strange thing happened to me this morning. 今天早上我发生了一件奇怪的事。601. A strange thing happened to me this morning. 今天早上我发生了一件奇怪的事。 602. I was crossing the street and was almost hit by a car. 我穿过马路时差点被车撞伤。


日常生活上班都能用到的英语口语800句 7601. A strange thing happened to me this morning. 今天早上我发生了一件奇怪的事。601. A strange thing happened to me this morning. 今天早上我发生了一件奇怪的事。

602. I was crossing the street and was almost hit by a car. 我穿过马路时差点被车撞伤。603. Fortunately,I jumped back in time to avoid being hit. 幸运的是为了躲避被撞伤,我往后跳了下。604. It was a terrible experience,and I won’t forget it. 真是个另人畏惧的履历,我不会忘了。

605. Yesterday was such a beautiful day we decided to go for a drive. 昨天天气很好,所以我们开车去玩。606. We prepared a picnic lunch and drove down by the river. 我们为野餐做准备,而且沿着小河而下。607. After a while,we found a shady place under some poplar trees. 过了一会儿,我们在杨树下发现了阴凉的树阴。

608. On the way back home,we were tired.回来的路上,我们都很累了。609. It was after dark when we got back,and we were all tired. 我们回来时都已经很晚了,而且我们都很累。

610. I wish you would give me a more detailed description of your trip. 我希望你能更详细地形貌一下你的旅行。611. Speaking of trips,did I ever tell you about the experience I had? 说到旅行,我以前没有对你谈到我的履历吗?612. We used to have a lot of fun when we were that age. 那时我们经常有许多兴趣。613. I can’t recall the exact circumstances. 我不能准确得回忆起其时的情况了。

614. I never realized that someday I would be living in New York. 我从没有想过,有一天我能住在纽约。615. We never imagined that John would become a doctor. 我们从来没有想过约翰会成为一个医生。616. We’re looking for a house to rent for the summer. 我们在寻找一间屋子,想在夏天租住。617. Are you trying to find a furnished house? 你是不是在寻找一间装修过的屋子?618. This split-level house is for rent.It’s a bargain. 这间分层的房间正在求租。

价钱很合理。619. That house is for sale.It has central heating. 那间屋子在出售。它是中央供暖的。

620. We have a few kitchen things and a dining room set. 我们有一些厨房用具和一套餐厅设备。621. This is an interesting floor plan.Please show me the basement. 这是一个有趣的楼层计划。请带我到地下室去看看。

622. The roof has leaks in it,and the front steps need to be fixed. 屋顶内部有毛病了,前面台阶也需要装修。623. We’ve got to get a bed and a dresser for the bedroom. 我们在居住室中放置了一张窗和一个化妆台。624. Does the back door have a lock on it? 后门有锁吗?625. They’ve already turned on the electricity.The house is ready. 他们已经打开了电器。房间已经准备好了。

626. I’m worried about the appearance of the floor. 我担忧地板的外貌。627. If you want a towel,look in the linen closet. 如果你需要枕巾的话,可以在亚麻制品壁橱中看看。628. What style furniture do you have ? Is it traditional? 你有什么样式的家具?是传统型的吗?629. We have drapes for the living room,but we need kitchen curtains. 在起居室中我们有些布帘,可是厨房中我们也需要一些窗帘。

630. The house needs painting.It’s in bad condition. 屋子需要装饰。屋子现在的状况比力糟糕。631. What do you going to wear today? 今天你想穿什么?632. I’m going to wear my blue suit.Is that all right? 我想穿我的兰色外套。它准备好了吗?633. I have two suits to send to the cleaners. 我将我的两件外套送到了清洗员那儿。

634. I have some shirts to send to the laundry. 我将我的一些衬衫送到了洗衣房。635. You ought to have that coat cleaned . 你应该干洗一下那件的外套。636. I’ve got to get this shirt washed and ironed. 我已经将我的这件衬衫洗和熨过了。


637. All my suits are dirty.I don’t have anything to wear. 我的外套都脏了。我没有穿的了。638. You’d better wear a light jacket.It’s chilly today. 你最好穿件皮夹克。今天有些冷。

639. This dress doesn’t fit me anymore. 这件衣服已不合我身了。640. I guess I’ve outgrown this pair of trousers. 我猜我现在已经凌驾我裤子长了。641. These shoes are worn-out.They’ve lasted a long time. 这些鞋已经磨破了。它们撑了很久了。

642. I can’t fasten this collar button.我系不上这个领子扣。643. Why don’t you get dressed now? Put on your work clothes. 为何现在不着装呢?穿上你的事情服。644. My brother came in,changed his clothes,and went out again. 我的母亲进来了,换好衣服后又出门了。

645. I didn’t notice you were wearing your new hat. 我没注意到你带了新帽子。646. You have your point of view,and I have mine. 你有你的看法,我有我的看法。647. You approach it in a different way than I do. 你以差别于我的方式探讨它。

648. I won’t argue with you,but I think you’re being unfair. 我不想和你争辩,可是我相信你是错误的。649. That’s a liberal point of view. 这是一个自由的看法。

650. He seems to have a lot of strange ideas. 他看上去总有许多奇怪的想法。651. I don’t see any point in discussing the question any further. 我并没有看到涉及到进一步讨论地问题的看法。

652. What alternatives do I have? 我另有什么方法?653. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. 每小我私家都有自己的看法。654. There are always two sides to everything. 任何事物都有两面性。

655. We have opposite views on this. 关于这个问题,我有差别的看法。656. Please forgive me.I didn’t mean to start an argument. 请原谅。

我并不想引起争论。657. I must know your opinion.Do you agree with me? 我必须相识你的想法。

你同意我吗?658. What point are you trying to make? 你想做出什么决议?659. Our views are not so far apart,after all. 究竟我们的看法并没有如此大的分歧。660. We should be able to resolve our differences. 我们需要解决分歧。

661. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow,I think I’ll go shopping. 如果明天不下雨的话,我会去商店。662. There’s a possibility we’ll go,but it all depends on the weather. 我们有可能去,可是要依天气而定。663. If I have time tomorrow,I think I’ll get a haircut. 如果我明天有空的话,我会去剪剪头发。

664. I hope I remember to ask the barber not to cut my hair too short. 我希望我能提醒剃头师别给我剪得太短。665. My son wants to be a policeman when he grows up. 我的儿子想长大后当警员。

666. If I get my work finished in time,I’ll leave for New York Monday. 如果我能实时完成我的事情的话,我将在周一去纽约。667. Suppose you couldn’t go on the trip.How would you feel? 设想一下,如果你不能继续你的旅程,你会有什么感受?668. What would you say if I told you I couldn’t go with you? 如果我告诉你我不能和你一起去,你会说什么?669. If I buy the car,I’ll have to borrow some money. 如果我想买那辆车的话,我需要借些钱。670. If I went with you,I’d have to be back by six o’clock. 如果我和你一起去的话,我不得不在六点前回来。

671. One of these days,I’d like to take a vacation. 这些天中我将请个假。672. As soon as I can,I’m going to change jobs. 只要我能,我就想换事情。

673. There’s a chance he won’t be able to be home for Christmas. 这是一个时机,他不能因为圣诞节而回家。674. We may be able to help you in some way. 我们可能会以某种方式资助你。675. If you were to attend the banquet ,what would you wear? 如果你去到场宴会,你想穿什么?676. What would you have done last night if you hadn’t had to study? 昨天晚上如果你不需要学习的话,你会做什么?677. I would have gone on the picnic if it hadn’t rained. 如果没有下雨的话,我将会去野炊。


678. If you had gotten up earlier,you would have had time for breakfast. 如果你起的早点的话,你将会有时间吃早餐。679. If I had had time,I would have called you. 如果我有时间,我就会给你打电话。680. Would he have seen you if you hadn’t waved to him? 如果你不象他挥手的话,他会不会瞥见你?681. If he had only had enough money, he would have bought that house. 如果他能有足够的钱的话,他会买那所屋子。682. I wish you had called me back the next day, as I had asked you to. 惋惜你没有根据我的要求,在第二天给我回个电话。

683. If you hadn’t slipped and fallen, you wouldn’t have broken your leg. 如果你没滑跌倒,你就不会摔断了腿。684. If I have known you want to go, I would have called you. 如果我知道你想去,我本会叫你的。

685. Had I known you didnt have got the key, I wouldnt have locked the door. 如果我知道你没有钥匙,我本不会锁门的。686. She would have gone with me, but she didnt have time. 她原来想和我一起去,可是她没时间。687. If I had asked directions, I havent got lost. 如果我问一下路,就不会走丢了。688. Even if we could have taken the vocation, but we mightnt have wanted to. 纵然我们可以休假,我们也可能不去休呢。

689. Evenything would be alright, if you had said that. 如果你没有那样做的话,一切都好办了。690. Looking back on it, I wish we hadnt been given in so easily. 回过头来看,我希望我们没有这样轻易让步。

691. What is it you don’t like about winter weather? 你为何不喜欢冬天的天气?692. I don’t like it when the weather gets real cold. 我不喜欢当天气变的很冷的时候.693. I can’t stand summer weather. 我不能忍受夏天的天气.694. The thing I don’t like about driving is all the traffic on the road. 我不喜欢开车去是因为路上很拥挤.695. He doesn’t like the idea of going to bed early. 我不喜欢很早睡觉.696. I like to play tennis,but I’m not a very good player. 我很喜欢打网球,可是打得不是很好.697. I don’t like spinach even though I know it’s good for me. 我不喜欢菠菜,纵然我知道它对我很有利益.698. I’m afraid you’re being too particular about your food. 恐怕你所吃的食物太特殊了.699. He always finds fault with everything. 无论是什么事情,他总能发现错误.700. She doesn’t like anything I do or say. 无论我做什么说什么,她都不喜欢.。